sports medicine

What are common sports injuries?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro who trains and competes, sports and athletics put extra physical stress on your feet and ankles. Your chances of injuring your feet and ankles increase when you combine pressure with sudden twisting moves.

Some of the most common podiatric injuries experienced by athletes include:

Toenail Injuries

If you run long distances, your toes constantly push against the inside of your shoes, and you can develop injuries like ingrown toenails and black or broken toenails. Additionally, if you use a public shower or swimming pool, you increase your risk of fungal toenail infections.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Sprained ankles occur when you suddenly change direction or twist your ankle in an unnatural movement. As a result, you can overstretch or tear the connective tissue in your ankles.

Repetitive motions can also cause tension and microtears in your soft tissue that lead to inflammation and pain. Heel pain and plantar fasciitis are common sports-related conditions and occur where tightness in your calf and Achilles tendon pulls on the fascia on the bottom of your foot.

Inflammation in the soft tissue of your feet can also compress your nerves and cause neuroma--a condition where a bundle of inflamed tissue surrounds a nerve, often in the ball of your foot, and causes pain and a pins-and-needles sensation.


There are 26 delicate bones in your feet and ankles, and the excess pressure from running and jumping can lead to stress fractures. If you play a contact sport, a collision may also cause fractured bones in your feet and ankles.

Skin Injuries

Frequent blisters or calluses are common if you’re a runner, a jogger, or compete in sports. While blisters and calluses might not sound as serious as other sports injuries, they cause pain and can get in the way of your best performance.

How does a podiatrist help with sports injuries?

Dr. Mbanuzue is a board-certified podiatric surgeon who has dedicated her professional life to caring for feet and ankles. She is also an athlete who understands the importance of a quick and safe recovery, so you can get back to training and competing.

Dr. Mbanuzue diagnoses and treats sports injuries with procedures ranging from conservative immobilization and corticosteroid injections to innovative surgeries that repair your bones and soft tissue.

How can I prevent sports injuries?

You can reduce your risk of sports injuries by wearing appropriate footwear at all times and taking care of your feet and ankles. Your regularly scheduled appointments with Dr. Mbanuzue ensure your feet are healthy, and she is always there to suggest exercises and stretches to keep your feet and ankles flexible and strong.

If you’ve suffered a sports injury or want to develop a prevention plan, call or make an appointment online today for expert podiatric care.